Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 1.6 - Praying Through Darkness

Worth thinking about, for those of us who seek the light in a time and place of darkness:

“Prayer, understood as the distilled awareness of our entire life before God, is a journey forward, a response to a call from the Father to become perfectly like his Son through the power of the Holy Spirit. But this journey forward can also be seen as a kind of journey backward, in which we seek to gain access to the relationship Adam had with God.

“In prayer we journey forward to our origin. We close our eyes in prayer and open them in the pristine moment of creation. We open our eyes to find God, his hands still smeared with clay, hovering over us, breathing into us his own divine life, smiling to see in us a reflection of himself. We go to our place of prayer confident that in prayer we transcend both place and time.”

James Finley
Merton’s Palace of Nowhere

(HT to dotmagis at Ignatian Spirituality.)

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