Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advent 4.5 - The Father Jesus Needed

In preparing to preach tomorrow, I came across a wonderful piece on Joseph by Homiletics Professor Alyce McKenzie. I'm actually using a small part of it, but what you'll read below is what most caught my attention. (Too edgy, I think, for where I'll be tomorrow.)

<< “Here,” whispered the angel, “is the key that unlocks your dilemma. Believe her unbelievable story. Marry her, and become the father of God’s child. He will need a father to be accepted by others as he grows to manhood. He will need, not just any father, but a father like you, capable of nurturing him, and giving him a name.‘Immanuel -- God with us.’

“He will need a father like you to teach him to take risks like the one you are about to take, for he will be tempted not to take them.

“He will need a father like you to teach him to withstand the disapproval of others, as you will soon have to withstand it.

“He will need a father like you to teach him what to do in situations like this one, when all hope seems lost and only pain remains; to model how to believe the unbelievable good news and to walk ahead in faith.

“If you do not walk the hard road to Bethlehem, who will teach him how to climb the cruel hill to Calvary?”

In this way, I imagine the father of our Lord was born that night. >>

Image found here; artist unknown.


Catherine said...

An eye-opener to be sure. A fresh perspective indeed. The painting is almost an icon...remarkable. Thank you.

Rev. Dr. Laura said...

Oh, this is powerful--thank you. Will definitely impact my own future preaching and teaching on Joseph.