Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent 3.6 ~ Mary et al.

I hope that Vinita Wright is good with me dropping these poems of hers in here. I found them when she first posted them ~ she blogs here ~ and could hardly wait for this week, with its focus on Mary, to get here.

I am much taken, in this difficult season, with expressions of the original dislocation it celebrates.


How much shrinking did you have to do
to get into the house?
How much shine had to be rubbed off
to become visible?
Did you carry the plan like a secret fire in the heart,
because such information could cause
a whole new rebellion up there?
And when the girl said yes, how much
did you ache to grow legs and lungs and
a head of hair, just to know the sensation
of your spirit breaking open?

Copyright © 2009 Vinita Hampton Wright

Mary’s Mom

I’d like to know if you noticed anything different
about your daughter. On a particular day, did she seem pale
or out of breath? Was she weepy? Did you have to tell her things twice?
When the truth came out, did you agonize about why
she hadn’t come to you? Did you tell her father, or did she?
And—be honest, now—when you, being the mother, being a woman,
understood the situation, didn’t you enjoy some moments
of sheer satisfaction? Didn’t you say to God, one eyebrow arched,
“You couldn’t have picked a better one”?

Copyright © 2009 Vinita Hampton Wright


Karen said...

I caught up with your advent blog tonite and enjoyed it very much. I have no background on advent, so this is new to me. I love reading your thoughts and encouragements, and God feels closer and more real after reading. The poetry here on this post is simply beautiful. Do you know the writer personally? Thanks for posting and for all the gifts you share.

Magdalene6127 said...

I LOVE these!

Philomena Ewing said...

These are fabulous poems and sprinkled with much needed humour too in some parts. Thank you so much.