Friday, December 5, 2008

If You Could

I was thinking about prayer; more specifically, about intercessory prayer.

I was thinking about it as I watched the news last night. Security (or lack thereof) in Mumbai. Cholera in Zimbabwe. Champagne at an art opening, confusingly related to an indictment against UBS. Death and life and chaos, always.

If you could only pray for one thing, I wondered, what would it be?

For the end of death. Love may be stronger than death, but the consequence is a deeper anguish. One does not, however, long for the end of love. One longs for the end of death, for the eradication of that terrible breach that separates us from one another.

The end of death. The promise of Advent.

When Easter comes, my friend's husband will have been dead for a year. Will she feel the tiny flame of that promise flickering to life? Will it burn; will it singe her insides?

Advent hope: Scorched earth.

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Catherine + said...

What a powerful post. I would comment but what would I say? I will say thank you, thank you so very much...