Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Advent ~ Not Quite Yet

Welcome Back!

This blog is about to get itself back into gear.

I was sort of vaguely wondering what to do about it, pondering a new one called something like Praying Advent through Dark Gray. I was thinking that the world does not seem quite so dark and hopeless this year.

And then I happened to come across another blog (I have no idea whose or where) in which the writer talks about how no matter how bad things are, no matter how despondent we feel, Advent always brightens things up.



Just the reading of that and I could feel the darkness right there, lurking oppressively just beyond the fire circle that I've been tending all year. And I realized that the upcoming season, with its anticipation and its energy and its busy-ness is going to feel ~ awful. Still.

So. Praying through darkness it will be again.
Perhaps more beautiful this year, though.

Back in a couple of weeks.

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Kathryn J said...
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Kathryn J said...

For me the light of advent is a consolation. On Sunday, we will place an Advent wreath on our table and light it every night. The table will get brighter every week and by the time Advent ends, the solstice is upon us and the light returns.

Of course, I am speaking of light in the physical sense - not the light in one's soul. I look forward to reading your Advent blog and was glad to see the feed show up in my Reader.

Mary Beth said...

Prayers and blessings for you all. Here to walk with you.